We think JoyRide is a great studio, but don’t take our word for it.

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying…


Joyride studio is the best recording studio you could possibly record at in Chicago! Blaise Barton and Brian Leach are both masters at their craft! They create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere which allows performers to concentrate on their music. Their ears are as good as they get!! Their abilities and understanding of the art of recording are unmatched in Chicago!! We couldn’t be any happier with our recording- Book you session NOW!!!!!!! Seriously!!! Thanks Blaise and Brian!
-Chris and Derbhile Fabie (Fabie Anstee Trio)

Just got the master for my record back from Blaise Barton. Thanks for pointing me in his direction. He did a fantastic job!
-Scott Cable (Record Producer)

You guys rock!
-Doug Cherry

We just wanted to say that we’re having a great experience at Joyride. The studio has a great vibe, and Brian is not only one of the most talented, but also one of the nicest people we’ve had the pleasure of working with.
-Max Perna (Halfmoon Mad)

I really like the way [our album] sounds, I’m glad we brought it to you for mastering.
-Andy Miller

I just wanted to let you know that the mastering job you did was excellent! You really brought the sound to life and elevated things to another level sonically.
-Joe Nosek (Cash Box Kings, Blind Pig Records)

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job mastering my record. I really appreciate it.
-Jeff Givens (Bourbon Cowboy)

Thanks to you and the team for doing such an efficient job on Saturday. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.
-Caroline Davis

I cannot tell you how THRILLED I am with the mixes. I can’t wait to finish this thing & put it out in the world. Thanks for your amazing talent!
-Naomi Ashley

I am loving the sound of these songs. Thanks much. It was great fun working with you. I hope we have the chance to do it again sometime.
-Gary Rand

The masters sound incredible – Blaise Barton did an amazing job.
-Rob Anstee (Fabie Anstee Trio)

Brian is amazing! We had a great time! Thanks!
-Michelle Shafer

We’re very happy with the mastering. You did an amazing job of balancing duo, trio, and band, and all my crazy recording mixing scenarios! Also, thanks for the feedback. I’ve learned a lot in this process … mostly that we want to come to JoyRide for our next CD!
-Jen Milligan

Dude, that freakin’ rocked!!!!!! We posted a link on our website…it was such a gas…after a couple years of internet play, I didn’t think I’d be that moved by terrestrial radio play…but you know…it was like Jerry Lee hearing Great Balls of Fire in his car radio…just a totally great high! Being as that you engineered and helped us so much with the production, I just had to email you about it! See you soon!
-Beazley Phillips

Everything ended up sounding great. Thanks for working on your anniversary and try to enjoy your birthday. Thanks again.
– Mike Pawula (The Tossers/Victory Records)

The discs have arrived. Sounds superb. As usual, you somehow managed to capture everything that I was hoping for in terms of mastering –the whole thing sounds thick and warm, and the bass synths are monstrous! Thank you so much. You do stunning work.
– Joe A. Ziemba (Beaujolais)

I can’t wait to work with you again. I’m still so incredibly happy with the mastering on Love At Thirty!
– Joseph A. Ziemba (Beaujolais)

The studio session was spectacular! And Brian was amazing! Dan is so pumped!! Supposed to be on Johnny B on the LOOP Thurs & Fri!! He made sure the promo included Joyride Studios name. Thanks! Have a great day girls!
– Jodi Facchini

[The] CDs sound great! Thanks.
– Dave Hoffheimer (Lemondrop)

Blaise, Thanks. I appreciate your great work on the project. We are getting very high praise for the CD on all fronts so far (sound, music, and package, etc), I’m hoping we can have some success with this thing – and that is of course relative when come to the blues!
– Larry Skoller

It was really amazing to have access to so much talent. I’m thrilled with the way it turned out.
– Barry Phipps (Owner, NorthBranch Recording Studio)

I gave Damon a good listen last night and I’m very satisfied with the result. This one is a wrap.
– Jerry Deljuidice (President, Blind Pig Records)

OMG!!!!! You guys flipping ROCK!…I’m all smiles. I’ll let Todd listen tonight, but I’m voting you finish. Thanks so much Blaise and Brian
– Dane Racicot

Blaise, That record you did for Larry Skoller sounds great!!! Really great job capturing the sound and tones of the music…damn! Hope all is well…look forward to doing another record with ya….don’t know if Im looking forward to the drinks the tacos and guac or the record more but Im looking forward to it none the less.
– Scott Cable (Record Producer)

I received the CD’s a couple of days after I spoke to Wayne and they’re great. Thanks again for what you did – The few I’ve shared it with just love this new version. Look forward to meeting you when we come to the Windy City. Your folks are the best, but hey, you already knew that!
– Arthur Aveling

Thanks Blaise, you are like family to us. We love you and your work! Talk to you soon.
– Susan Demel (Sons Of The Never Wrong, Come Sunday)

Blaise, I wanted to drop you a note for a while now to congratulate you on the inclusion of two songs on the recent Dylan CD set. I spotted these in the liner notes right away and thought about how proud Mike Rasfeld would have been about your efforts at the last incarnation of Acme. The recent Eardrum mention reminded me of this. I also hear good things about your studio and work. Keep it up!
– Mike Konopka (Thundertone Audio)

Blaise, I was so impressed with your studio and thank you for taking the time this afternoon – wish I’d had a little longer but you know how that goes. The room has a great vibe and is very comfortable. I can see how many musos feel very much at ease in the room. The control room sounds great and well, I’m just very pleased to see you in that kind of setting. You’ve surely earned the respect you’re getting well done indeed. I’m going to try to make this all work to do the record with you. Stay tuned for more details – I’ll be back in touch again soon. Many thanks and very best.
– Michael Freeman (Coachouse Music)

By the way, the master sounded great and the disc is at the factory now. Thanks!
-Darren Callahan (Travel, Italian Aviation, Oo Oo Wa, Teenage Blackout)

Blaise, this sounds the way I envisioned it now. Great job to both you and Brian!! Can’t wait to hear the 24 bit versions, but these crappy mp3s even sound good.
-Todd Holly

Di says its [terrific]! Just played it on mac speakers… BALANCED! Awesome, simply awesome! Enough Love can’t be spread to equal what I’m feeling! Thanks One and ALL!
-Dane Racicot

Blaise, I’m enjoying the master very much…thanks again for everything!
– Sam Vicari

Hi Blaise. Thank you for a great job on the mastering. The CDs arrived today. Best to you and your family.
– Dave Schleitwiler

Hey Brian, Just wanted to again thank you for an excellent weekend of tracking. There’s still a long road to travel on this, but I feel sure that it is made far shorter (and easier) because of your skills, humor, creativity and good spirits.
– Tim Ferguson (Red Plastic Buddha)

This song is sick! Again I can’t say enough about how it turned out.
-Dan Racicot

Hi Blaise– Just wanted to touch base–nice to meet you last evening at Nick’s gig (he
really sounded good, as always). I’ve heard and enjoyed a lot of CDs you’ve engineered over the years! Happy holidays.
– Bill Dahl (Chicago Tribune, Living Blues)

Thanks so much BB!!! You are the BOMB.
– Dylan Rice

We could work quickly and have a relaxed, live feel because, by the time we actually set down to record Soul Solution, those songs had been part of our live show for months already. A lot of the sound has to do with the final mix as well. For that, the credit belongs to Blaise Barton, one of the finest studio engineers in Chicago.
– Giles Corey (Lubriphonic)

Sounds damn good, Buddyrodle! Thanks again for taking the time to adjust the phatness.
– Brian Krum (The Great Crusades)

I am extremely happy with how it turned out, as are Molly and Emily…Thanks again for all your expertise, suggestions and patience.
– David Lebovic

Thanks Blaise! For the effort, I’ve listened to these songs Hundreds of times for nearly 4 and a half years in vast form and version, it was fresh tonight and that was a gift unto itself.
– Dan Racicot

Blaise, I have to admit THIS KICKS ASS!!!! You really bring out the best of us while taking an objective view. I love how you have balanced everything. Awesome!
-Todd Holly

Hey Blaise! We recorded with you last fall and love the album that we made there.
-Doug Abram

Hi Blaise. Thanks so much for the good work on my CD. It is sounding great. Gregoire enjoyed seeing your mastering technique. He said you have a unique method.
-Robin Bienemann (Twang Bang)

Hey Blaise. Thanks again for the help today. I truly appreciate it.
-Clint Billington (Victory Records, Organized Crime Records)

Hi Blaise. Thanks to you, too – Brian is doing an awesome job, I’m delighted with the CD’s progress. Hope all’s well.
-Pamela Richardson (The Pralines)

Got it and love it. I just listened to the opening piano vs. the original recording and the way you changed it was exactly what I was looking for. Exactly. I realize it’s only one song, but thanks for all your help, suggestions and expertise. Thank you!
-David Lebovich

Hi Blaise, I listened to this about 30 times on the plane yesterday. You did a masterful job mixing it.
-David Lebovich

I wanted to thank you for the great job you guys did for us. The CD sounds so good, I damn near shed a tear of joy.
-Todd Holly

New master’s great, it’s off to the factory. Thanks for your hard work on it!
-Darren Callahan (Travel, Italian Aviation, Oo Oo Wa, Teenage Blackout)

I can’t thank You and Brian enuff bro.. You guys are always so great to me!
-John Edelmann

Hey Blaise, man thanks for working your magic on these sessions. I’m enjoying listening to what we got. Great vibe. Even the rough mixes sound damn cool.
-Eric Noden

Thank you, Blaise. It was an absolute pleasure working with you – not to mention that the end result sounds f-ing fantastic. Many thanks, brother – we truly appreciate your work and you helping us out. We are thrilled.
-Gary & Toby (JaGoff)

Hey man! The entire band just LOVES the mastering job you did. Huge kudos to you! It really energized all of us to hear the tunes in a new light. I feel like it highlighted the best aspects. In fact, the album is currently in production and we’re kicking off a promotional campaign as soon as it gets back from the plant.
– Terry Quiett

Hey Blaise, Thanks! I really had a great time mastering with you and loved the Dylan
stories. I’ve been trying to retell them to my wife…she seems fairly amused. Later gator.
-Jeremy Babcock (Dreamtree Shakers)

Thank’s Blaise, [The recording] sounds awesome, will mail you one when done…will keep you posted on the gold record status. Cheers.
-Pete Berwick

The Master sounds amazing!!! Very happy with it!!! Listened to it in the car today, it sounded big, warm, and clear.. thank you!!!!
-Stephanie Levi

Blaise! Alien Terrain master sounds great. Thanks so much!
-Darren Callahan (Travel, Italian Aviation, Oo Oo Wa, Teenage Blackout)

Hi guys, don’t know if Jeff reached out to you but just wanted to let you know that we loved the final Darling product, and pressed it on digipak and vinyl. Hoping you guys can make it out! If not we’ll see you on the next project.
-Don (Darling)

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!! You are mad brilliant! I am so blown away! Speechless! You are a painter, the call box effect was whammy! Back for another listen!
-Todd Holly

Hey Blaise. Well, the album sounds amazing. I couldn’t be happier with it. I just wanted to thank you very much for working with me again, not to mention all of the encouragement. You’re a true artist when it comes to mastering. Thanks for doing what you do so well. I’ll be sure to send you a finished copy this summer, and definitely forward your friend Wes’s contact info to me. I’d be more than happy to get a record to him. And thank you for the suggestion! Enjoy the weather and have a great day.
– Joseph A. Ziemba (Beaujolais)

Thank you, Blaise. It was an absolute pleasure working with you – not to mention that the end result sounds fantastic. Many thanks, brother – we truly appreciate your work and you helping us out. We are thrilled.
– Gary Kuzminski & Toby Worschek (JaGoFF)



I can always tell (and appreciate) when an engineer is ‘fully engaged’ in a project and it’s been nothing short of a joy working with our Brian. Not only extremely talented, but an absolutely wonderful person to spend time with.
– Tim Ferguson (The Red Plastic Buddha)

Thanks for your brilliant work on the album. You really did give it just the polish it needed. I hope we can work together again!
– Terry Quiett


[I] truly appreciate your great work on the sessions, Joyride rules and believe me, any and all future projects I do in Chicago will be with you!
– Andrew Galloway (Electro-fi Records)

It was a real pleasure working with you these few days. I’m listening to the new version with great interest and enthusiasm. What an improvement!!!
– David Moss


Hey, Blaise and Brian, I just wanted to say “thanks” for a very enjoyable and productive session. Blaise has been great with the communication, the studio has a really cool vibe, and Brian is, without a doubt, and by far, my favorite engineer I’ve ever worked with. I’d like it if I never worked with anybody but him again. Thanks and Good Luck With All Things.
– Marty Charters

Just got the master for my record back from Blaise Barton. Thanks for  pointing me in his direction. He did a fantastic job!
– Scott Cable

You know what, you will never be ABLE to be far away from the CD. Anyone who listens to it will be reveling in the glory that YOUR magnificent musicianship, editorial ears, and hilarious sense of humor made possible.
– Jenny Bienemann

Blaise, Hey brother! The masters arrived yesterday. I’ve been spinning them on everything I can get my hands on. It really sounds great! You really pulled out the bass and fattened things up – even on some small speakers. Fantastic job! Thanks again for adding your talent to the mix…it’s better for your touch.
– Terry Quiett