Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Bob Dylan CD features 2 songs recorded by Blaise Barton

Bob Dylan's latest record "Tell Tale Signs" was released by Columbia on October 7th and includes 2 songs recorded by Blaise Barton in 1992 at the now utterly extinct Acme Recording in Chicago.

During the 3 week session in summer of '92 Dylan recorded 26 songs for a new album with producer David Bromberg and his band mates. Though the 26 songs eventually were culled down to 15 and mixed by Bromberg and Barton, the album was never released. Now 2 of those songs, Jimmy Roger's "Miss the Mississippi" a lonely song of dislocation, and the traditional "Duncan and Brady", originally published by Carl Sandburg in 1927 appear on "Tell Tale Signs". You can read more details about the '92 Acme session here in excerpts from Clinton Heylin's book,"Bob Dylan- The Recording Sessions 1960-1994". The session was assisted by super-service-assistant Dan White with expert technical backup from whiz kid Paul Smith. Studio owner Jim Rasfeld looked on high from his towering executive glass cage, providing wisdom, support and bongs. Nelson Strange provided um.......well, ....... other things that the band wanted.

Tell Tale Signs features previously unreleased recordings and alternate versions of tracks from sessions which generated some of Bob Dylan's most acclaimed and commercially successful albums from the last two decades, including Time Out Of Mind, Love And Theft, Modern Times and Oh Mercy.


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